smoveyTCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine): 

on the inside of the palm and on the back of the hand are reflex zones for almost all the organs and glands of the body. Smovey stimulates these reflex zones through subtle vibrations and has a very positive effect on these organs and glands


our brain is divided in two halves. The right half controls feelings and imagination. The left half handles critical and analytical thinking and speech and communication. Smovey activates and coordinates both halves through bilateral movement and development.


due to their construction, Smovey rings produce a frequency of 60 Hz. This is the same frequency that occurs naturally in humans


outdoors, Smovey’s green colour goes perfectly with training in nature. Walking with Smoveys can add an extra dimension to your walk similar to that of Nordic walking.


through specifically-targeted balance exercises, you can refine the connection throughout your musculature and conquer sudden movements in your daily life, which helps to prevent falls and injury!


the weight of one Smovey ring at rest is about 500 grams. The dynamic movements created through swinging generate a centrifugal force which increases the weight up to around 5 kilograms.


whether during winter or due to inclement weather, at home or at the gym, Smovey’s multifunctionality makes it the perfect workout tool for an indoor workout as well.